English Conversation - Refresh Your English Skills

Whether you travel or meet expats, you wish your English language was richer and more fluent. Do not be limited by the topics about weather and refresh your English conversation skills to be able to lead a profound discussion. If your mother tongue is German, you have an advantage because English as well as German language belongs into the same language family: Germanic. Build on this asset you have and grasp the opportunity to talk to the world.

Get your full English conversation refreshment and contact me for private English lessons here.

With Your English Progress you will be able to:

  • Make deeper connection with expats and people from abroad

  • Improve your English fluency

  • Express your thoughts and then to defend them

  • Lead a profound discussion about various topics

  • Use a richer English language

Why Your English Progress?

  • Tailored program based on your job requirements

  • Practical one-to-one simulation of various situations with progress tracking

  • Enhancement of your self confidence in day-to-day English usage

  • Continuous feedback and improvement