Business English Phrases and Correspondence Tailor-made for Your Profession

You have a great career, you are a professional in your industry. You wish you can expand globaly or you can get your dreamjob in an international company. Do not miss the opportunity to move your career forward. Start working with English speaking customers and broaden your contact pool. Your English Progress helps you with business English phrases and correspondence. Thanks to my lessons you will feel secure and you get rid of your stage-fright.

Your English Progress moves you from local sphere to international business world. It does not matter if you are sent to business trips abroad or you just need to present your idea to your foreign colleagues. Our goal is to reduce the gap between using your mother tongue and English language.

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With Your English Progress you will be able to:

  • Make a great presentation

  • Negotiate with apt arguments

  • Quickly react using professional business phrases

  • Amaze at your job interview

  • Opt the right words in managerial psychology

  • Write your perfect offer or improve your business correspondence

Why Your English Progress?

  • Tailored program based on your job requirements

  • Practical one-to-one simulation of various business situations with progress tracking

  • Enhancement of your self confidence in day-to-day English usage

  • Continuous feedback and improvement