In my professional as well as private life I have met various people from different countries. For most of them English is not their mother tongue. As long as they talked to their peers in their native language, they felt confident and willing to lead profound discussions. However, some of them felt insecure when expressing their opinions on public or among other people. Language should not be factor pulling you down in your professional life. English is a universal language worldwide helping people from different cultures and environments to connect.

My goal is to transform your English from barrier to your opportunity. With experience of 14 years with business English I am here to help you boost your English self esteem.

4 years at high school and then 6 years of business English at university have provided me with plenty of knowledge I could use in professional life later on. Especially studying economy abroad including business English broadened my horizons in different aspects of English language. My lessons are based on practical situations you can encounter in your everyday life. From the practical examples grammatical rules are derived. Learning by simulating various situations will help you to move from theoretical language knowledge taught at schools to practical one involving fluency, richer vocabulary and certainty in speaking.