Beat around the Bush And Bite a Bullet: English Idioms Which Enrich Your Vocabulary

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Education First (EF) website ( offers a list of various idioms commonly used in the United States. Hanging out or even doing business with Americans? Then get ready to adopt some of the most common idioms useful at any English business meeting.

Bite the bullet = To get something over with because it is inevitable

Break a leg = Good luck

Beat around the bush = Avoid saying what you mean, usually because it is uncomfortable

Give someone the benefit of the doubt = Trust what someone says

Go back to the drawing board = Start over

It's not rocket science = It's not complicated

Let someone off the hook = To not hold someone responsible for something

Make a long story short = Tell something briefly

On the ball = Doing a good job

The best of both worlds = An ideal situation

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it = Let's not talk about that problem right now

You can say that again = That's true, I agree

Your guess is as good as mine = I have no idea

Which English idioms have you heard?

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