Why to Treat Your Boss Like Your Mother-in-law And Your Customers Like Your Children?

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It is difficult to admit that most of the people in Western civilization spend more time at work than with their families. However, company environment works comparable like families and you can apply similar behaviour patterns.

Your company is like your partner

If we want it or not, our choice of company to which we sell our time, energy and knowledge do not differs much from our choice of partner. We require reliability, credibility and loyalty. We want our ideas as well as problems to be heard and we crave respect of our personality. Our company as well as our partner should encourage us in everything we do as we try to do our best. Or don’t we? As employees do we really treat our company the way we want it to treat us? Are we aware of the fact that the way we work and cooperate influence company's income? I believe most of us do realize it and I also believe a lot of people give even more than they get back. But this is a relationship, you never give and take the same all the time. How balanced is your relationship with the company you work at?

Treat your customers like your children: They are sense of your life

Once you have children, they become the most important factor of your life. You treat them the best you can, you invest in them and their lost is something you do not want to even think about. You can even share your experience with them as most of the time they do not become your competitors. What your customers say about you influences how others see you. I have experienced a game when children could run around until their teacher showed a red sign. Then everyone stopped except for one girl who kept running. Her reason was that her mum also passes red light... Do you see the corelation? Your customers might not mean it bad, but once they mention your negatives somewhere else, you may lose a business. Nurture your customers and build your good reputation.

Why are competitors like your siblings?

Do not take me wrong, now I do not try to convince you to cooperate with your competitors the way some of us do with our siblings. What I would like to point out here is the healthy rivalry. All parents compare their children one with another even though sometimes they do not want to admit it. And therefore some children try to look better in the eyes of their parents than their brothers or sisters We can learn a lot from our siblings and they can even become our role model. Try to compare your company with competitors. What can you do better?

Your boss is like your mother-in-law: Perfect duo or catastrophy?

I would say as many jokes we know about mother-in-laws, we know about bosses. Some people are glad they have her/him because of the support and help they get, others would prefer if their boss did not exist at all. But like in case of your mother-in-law, you cannot choose your boss and if you want to work at your company in peace, you have to develop a respectful relationship with her/him. I know some people having changed their work because of their boss and I know some who got divorced because of their mother-in-law. She can be supportive and helpful or controlling and manipulative. She is able to bring the best out of your children or just to destroy your marriage. One thing is sure - she is on the scene and you cannot change this fact. Try to appreciate her experience and knowledge, but at the same time set your own borders she is not allowed to cross.

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