Future of English in Danger?

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After Brexit has been approved, more and more unexpected questions have appeared. One of them, which has drawn my attention, concerns languages. If you think about refreshing your English knowledge, you might be interested whether English is actually a language of future. Currently EU has 24 official languages as each member state has the right to communicate with EU in its own language and to have all documentation issued by EU translated. English, French and German are considered procedural languages, thus languages highly used within EU as well as externally. In French speaking countries French language probably prevails as EU procedural language. However, among individual countries one most likely uses English as an international language.

Is the language change inevitable?

In the past, French was commonly used as a trade language. Nonetheless, time has changed and English has overtaken the market and French language slowly retreated into the background. Now in 2019 English language rules not only EU. But for how long? Does it make sense for EU to keep English alive? Maybe for some time when the current generations use it actively as a procedural language, maybe for external communication. And there comes Germany with approximately 82,5 millions inhabitants and lots of people outside of the country speaking German. What if German language replaces English in EU? What would this change mean for the UK? Will the people need to adopt the knowledge of German?

Whether the significance of English in the future fades or not, currently English language is still widely used in Europe. Refresh your English skills now and sign up for private English conversation or business English.