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I am not going to lead you through basic mistakes people usually make when having been invited or already visiting someone. We all know we should bring something with us, not to talk about private problems and in case of not participating, thank for the invitation and excuse themselves. However, there are also things you do not need to do, but if you do so, you make an significant impression.

1. Cannot you participate? Call the host

Nowadays majority of communication happens through messages. It is so easy and tempting just to leave a message and move on. But hold on for a moment and think twice. No matter if you are invited to a piknik or birthday party, the host always makes the effort to organize everything and to send invitations (or to create an event on Facebook). Therefore, appretiate this effort and call the person back. In a meantime ask how the person is doing and show you value her/his intention. I am not saying leaving a message is not fine, but imagine this person wanted to see you. She/he will be pleased to hear you and talk to you at least for a little while and moreover you keep better connected.

2. Invited to celebrate a newborn? Bring something to the siblings too

All children seek attention of their parents. Once their sibling is born, they feel the parents are there no more only for them. This jealousy is much higher when the second child is born and the first one did not need to "share" her/his parents with anyone before. As a guest do not support this jealousy by aiming all your attention towards the newborn and bringing a gift only to her/him. Moreover, always greet the older child first and during your visit switch your attention between both two. The parents will be thankfull because believe it or not, taking care of the new child while dealing with the older one's jealousy is sometimes very tiring.

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3. Surprise the hostess

Are you invited to a birthday celebration of your male friend? Then guess who is in charge of majority of the preparations in case he has a girlfriend. You would make her very happy and appreciated if you bring something small to her too. It can be just a flower or chocolate. Thank her for her invitation and express your excitement of seeing her. Everybody wants to feel important, especially when they work hard to make their guests happy.