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3 Golden Rules of Every Business Meeting

May is one of the most beautiful months in the whole year. Trees and flowers are in blossoms, cubs come into the world and this year also Your English Progress has come out. Therefore, you can look forward to tips, tricks and insights from business as well as general English. Why?

In most of language books the grammar prevails. Sometimes advanced grammar even native speakers barely use. You might know this situation from German - let's face it: How many Germans in Franconia use Präteritum? Gestern lernte ich Englisch. Heute früh kauften wir Kartofeln. This is what all students of German language have to learn as part of proper German grammar and nobody cares that even the most educated Germans would not speak this way. The same situation occurs in English. Remember the shower of tenses children have to learn at school from various books to realize later on that in spoken English they might use perhaps half of them. Of course right now I do not mention advanced language levels in books and I do not doubt all language aspects are important. However, considering only an average language knowledge, I presume education systems should more focus on language use and practice instead of deep analysis of every grammar aspect. Just by this practice once you encounter an unknown language formation, you can then easily deduce the meaning.

Your English Progress focuses on English in everyday use, especially in business. It works with common and complimentary phrases which are widely used as well as slight nuances between words. We all have already experienced the situation: one small difference and your sentence gets a different 'tone'. Especially in business, where diplomacy is in place, knowing about the right expression at the right time is a key for future success.

Have a nice spring!