Your English Progress - Private English Lessons in Nuremberg

Reduce the gap between using your mother tongue and English language in business and everyday use.

My private English lessons in Nuremberg improve your business English skills, your fluency, understanding, vocabulary and grammar. Any social contact involves not only the content part, but also language style and the form you use. Whether you work together with international departments, travel abroad, negotiate or present in English and you are looking for a professional support, do not hesitate to contact me here for private English lessons in Nuremberg.

Every lesson is individual and especially practical: you are the main actor and everything you learn is based only on your personal needs and eventually on requirements of your work environment. You get tips for improvement, practical tasks and then constructive feedback. My goal is to improve your expression and understanding in English and to help you become a star in English communication.

Let me squeeze the best out of you!

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Why Private English Lessons in Nuremberg with Your English Progress?

  • Tailored program based on your needs and job requirements

  • Practical one-to-one simulation of various business situations with progress tracking

  • Enhancement of your self confidence in day-to-day English use

  • Continuous feedback and improvement

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Contact Me

You can do so via the contact form or e-mail. I will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Definition of Goal and Plan

First personal meeting free of charge*

The goal is to find out your English level and what you need to improve.


Interactive Lessons Based on Your Individual Needs

The benefit of individual lessons is that you are the main actor and therefore everything is adapted to your demands. I will develop a tailor-made plan for you and once it is commonly agreed, we can start working on your business English improvement.

Your Progress & Feedback

Your improvement will be monitored in order to track your development. You will get a constructive feedback of your business English knowledge.

*commonly agreed meeting point within Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen area

Individual Courses Offer You Several Advantages

Individual Courses

    • Flexibility83%
    • Your Interaction79%
    • Your Preferred Pace92%
    • Your Needs99%

Group Courses

    • Flexibility42%
    • Your Interaction35%
    • Your Preferred Pace21%
    • Your Needs55%